Tellus Performance Wear for Summer Hiking

Tellus Performance Wear for Summer Hiking

Paved urban paths. Steep rocky trails. Pine-needle-covered tracks. Sandy, full-sun desert treks. Plan your summer hikes and pick up Tellus gear for every type of trail. Tellus outdoor wear delivers the comfort and performance you seek for every adventure and we’re here to help you put together summer hiking outfits.

What to wear hiking in hot weather

Hiking conditions in the Pacific Northwest can quickly change from hot to wet to chilly. Trekking in the Rockies starts cool, gets scorching, then turns freezing. The desert southwest tracks show off cacti and lizards in arroyos that can instantly change from hot and dry to rushing water when it rains. Trekking in the gorgeous, lush green southeast can be perfect or sticky, hot and humid.

Before heading out to explore trails, it’s a good idea to learn about the local climate and the weather conditions to watch out for. Hot weather demands clothing that’s breathable, wicks away moisture and dries quickly. You also want to pay careful attention to your abilities and understand your weaknesses when temperatures get high and the sun is shining bright. Hats, sunglasses, long-sleeve shirts and pants save you from sunburn, scratches, scrapes and bug bites. Tellus has all of the summer performance wear you need.

Tops for summer hiking outfits


Lightweight and moisture-wicking Tellus tops make perfect conditions even better. Tanks, short-sleeve and long-sleeve shirts keep the sun at bay and wick sweat away. Material made of 84% recycled polyester and 16% Spandex has antibacterial properties that resist odors.

You can go straight from hiking to a free concert in the park when you throw on a great-looking top.

Bottoms that deliver both comfort and flexibility

It’s easy to be health- and planet-conscious in these lightweight shorts. Run or walk along all your favorite trails in breathable comfort.

Women’s Sunset Ridge Tech Short
Men’s Sunset Ridge Tech Short
Tellus hiking shorts are made of 91% recycled nylon, and 9% Spandex. Hike, stretch and move with ease in these durable, lightweight, sustainably-made activewear shorts.


Explore urban peaks and wilderness trails wearing these durable and versatile 91% recycled nylon and 9% Spandex eco-friendly summer hiking pants. They adapt to every environment and meet the demands of every adventure.

Additional tips for summer hiking

Outfit your outings for the ultimate experience in sunny-season weather conditions. You need more than just great outdoor wear — hats, sunglasses, sunscreen and drinkware are important parts of your getting-out-there gear too.
Nalgene Water Bottle


Hydrate and replace essential electrolytes before, during and after hikes. Ice water and electrolyte supplements make the difference between a great day and a dangerous one. Fill your drinkware with your favorite liquids and tackle the trails with ease.

You also want to be prepared for unexpected weather. Bring a waterproof rain jacket or lightweight jacket on short and long treks.

Neota Sling Bag


Carry all your essential gear in a durable, versatile Tellus bag including extra layers, hat, sunscreen, sunglasses and hydration. Zirkel Day Pack has pockets and compartments to keep all of your important gear handy. Neota Sling is perfect for packing your lip stuff, sunglasses, keys and phone on a quick trek.

Tellus has your summer hiking covered

Choosing the right gear for summer hiking ensures a successful trek every time. Tellus tops, pants, shorts and accessories round out your outdoor wear and gear for braving peaks, paths and pursuits in the summer sun.

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