Put Planet Over Profit

A Colorado company leading by example & reinvesting profits in critical environmental initiatives.

Our Story

Tellus Mater = Mother Earth. A Colorado company focused on sustainability and giving back.

Tellus founders Joe & Melissa are no strangers to adventure. They met in the Peace Corps in the 90s, and though they each volunteered in different countries, this shared experience ignited their passion for community engagement, good business, and Mother Nature. 

These passions continued to fuel their lives and career decisions, and it was these passions that ultimately led them to create Tellus in Fort Collins, Colorado.

Tellus was not built around a product but around a question: could we build an environmentally conscious, ethical brand in the historically problematic clothing industry from the ground up? And could we do it in such a way that would not only be kinder on communities and the planet but actively help regenerate them?

Tellus believes the answer is yes, and does this by not only creating high-quality, eco-conscious outerwear, but actively providing customers with a means to give back. 

Tellus allows you a way to not only explore the planet, but restore it, by donating 100% of all net profits (yes, every penny) to the environmental initiative you choose at check out. 

In the face of climate change, we need more than adventure. We need Adventure With Purpose.


Our GiveBack100 Promise

Less than 2% of all charitable contributions globally go towards our most significant threats: climate change & biodiversity loss. That’s why we have pledged to donate 100% of our net profits to organizations that directly combat our biggest environmental challenges, including coral reef protection, land & water conservation, and reforestation.
Tellus is the first of its kind. But for everyone’s sake, we hope it’s not the last.

Sustainability First, Second & Always

We’re rethinking the way clothing is made to bring about a better planet, stronger communities & brighter future.
Our Materials

100% of Tellus products are made using some form of recycled material, and the vast majority of our products are made using nearly all recycled materials. Oftentimes, these materials are recycled versions of things like polyester, but we’re also incorporating more innovative materials like Seawool, which we use to create our joggers and performance shorts and is created from plastic bottles and oyster shell waste.

Our Suppliers

During their time in the Peace Corps, founders Joe & Melissa saw how big industry had the potential to devastate or uplift a community and vowed that Tellus would do the latter. Every supplier in the US and in Vietnam has been vetted through research or in-person visits to ensure they share our standard of excellence and, more importantly, our ethics around the fair treatment of workers.

Our Community Partner

The Nature Conservancy

We are proud to partner with The Nature Conservancy (TNC), supporting its mission to conserve the lands and waters on which all life depends. TNC's exceptional work in land and forest restoration, ocean conservation, and wildlife protection — along with its strong presence in Colorado and worldwide — makes them our ideal first partner.
Coral Reef Protection

A healthy reef is an incredibly complex ecosystem that helps protect delicate shorelines from damage and erosion. Over 1 billion people around the world rely on coral reefs for food, livelihoods and the land where they live. Yet, coral reefs are rapidly succumbing to ocean heatwaves caused by climate change. As ocean temperatures continue to rise, reef bleaching is decimating this vital living organism.


Fortunately, there is hope as researchers have discovered super reefs that are proving resilient to warmer waters. These super reefs are sharing their secrets for survival and helping scientists conserve and protect the world’s coral reefs. The Nature Conservancy, along with partners, is participating in a collaborative effort to help coral reefs persist in a warming world.

Coral Reefs
Land & Water Conservation

The loss of biodiversity due to habitat destruction further exacerbates climate change, jeopardizing all life on Earth. Extinctions of plant and wildlife species are happening faster than ever. If we remove too many pieces the health of our environment, food supply and economies could crumble. But if we can agree to prioritize biodiversity, we can save the planet and ourselves.


Through the America the Beautiful campaign, The Nature Conservancy is driving a nationwide initiative to conserve 30% of America's lands and waters by 2030. We applaud this initiative's extensive reach across all 50 states. Developing and implementing strategies to protect, manage and restore critical ecosystems that not only reduce greenhouse gas emissions, but  also promote biodiversity.

Land & Water

Climate change is making wildfires larger, more destructive, and more frequent. In fact, the 20 largest wildfires in our home state of Colorado have all occurred within the last 20 years, and the fire season now lasts 75 days longer than it did in the 1970s. Because of climate change, these forests are also less able to regenerate after a wildfire, leading to permanent loss in biodiversity and outdoor recreation opportunities.


The Nature Conservancy's Healthy Forests and Watersheds initiative is dedicated to restoring 500,000 acres of forests in Tellus’s home state of Colorado, including those unable to regenerate naturally. Along with transitioning away from fossil fuels, natural climate solutions offer immediate and cost-effective ways to tackle the climate crisis—while also supporting healthy, thriving communities and ecosystems. This initiative prioritizes forest restoration, particularly reforestation and safeguarding watersheds. Healthy watersheds ensure clean water for people and wildlife, and they support agriculture and food production, industry and outdoor recreational activities in the process.


Real Tellus Stories

On the frontlines of sustainability

Though born in Colombia, Dani’s work as a social scientist has taken her across the Americas as she works to promote sustainable development and community-based conservation. And whether she is traveling the world for work or to fuel her sense of wonder, she relies on Tellus to keep her comfortable because, as she puts it, “Tellus’s mission is my mission.”

Submitted by
Dani B., Age 35
Fort Collins, CO
Adventure specs
Conservation & Community Empowerment
10+ years
Real Tellus  Stories
Women's Long’s Peak Waterproof Rain Shell
Women's Byers Peak Recycled Down Vest

Tellus in the Community

700 Seedlings Planted Following CO Wildfire

In 2020, the Cameron Peak Fire decimated over 200,000 acres across Tellus's home state of Colorado. In May 2023, Tellus partnered with the Coalition for the Poudre River Watershed, Trees, Water & People, and Wildlands Restoration Volunteers in its first hands-on reforestation effort. Over 35 volunteers converged on the site and planted nearly 700 seedlings. It was a proud moment for our team as we embodied our commitment to our natural world.

Submitted by
Rylie H., Age 34
Bellvue, CO
Adventure specs
700 Poderosa Pine Planted
1 day
Tellus in the Community

Tellus Partner Spotlight

More eco-friendly mailers

At Tellus, sustainability is at the forefront of every decision we make, big or small. That includes our packaging. When your order arrives, take a minute to appreciate the mailer bag it came in. These POLLAST!C bags are made by Better Packaging, a certified B Corp, and they not only get our clothing to your house safely; they are made out of 100% recycled Ocean Bound Plastic pollution.

Tellus Partner Spotlight