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Plastic is a remarkable material that’s given us a multitude of conveniences. Unfortunately for our planet, we’ve taken a good thing and gone too far with it. Single-use plastic is the biggest culprit rapidly polluting Mother Earth to the detriment of animals, oceans and delicate ecosystems. The Plastic Free Foundation sponsors Plastic-Free July and challenges each of us to reduce and eliminate our reliance on single-use plastic.


Eliminate Single-Use Plastic

Small changes to our habits and behaviors can contribute to making a big difference. Plastic-Free July makes it easy for us with its calendar that shares a change we can make each of the 31 days during July. Small changes seem simple and easy, but it takes conscious effort to stay on target and create new habits. 

Download your Plastic Free July calendar.


Tools for Success

Tellus Nalgene Water Bottle

For a quick win, get yourself a Tellus Klean Kanteen Tumbler or or Tellus Nalgene Bottle. Use these to replace single-use beverage bottles, coffee cups and water bottles. We’re spoiled here in Fort Collins with fantastic tap water. Depending on where you are in the world, finding fresh, quality water may take more effort. When good water is harder to find, purchasing bulk, reusable bottles helps reduce your plastic use. 

Tellus Klean Kanteen Tumbler


Here in Fort Collins, plastic bags are no longer available at grocery stores. This has helped us make a habit of bringing shopping bags with us. We also recommend getting a set of veggie bags. You can find them in cotton, cloth, mesh and even recycled plastic mesh. These save the planet from plastic that’s only used to transport veggies and fruit from the store to the fridge drawer.


Switch-up the Small Things

Another easy change to make is to say ‘no thanks’ to straws. When you do need one, carry a reusable straw with you. There are great kits out there that include a collapsible straw with a cleaning brush.


In your home, change how you do laundry by switching to detergent sheets. Sheets are biodegradable, don’t include microplastics and are way less messy than the giant, single-use liquid bottles. You can even find some that go from washer to dryer so you can stop using dryer sheets too.



You can also make simple changes to the clothes you wear every day. Opting for natural fibers or clothes made with recycled materials makes a big difference. At Tellus, we prioritize sustainability and recycled materials in our outdoor wear.


Our organic t-shirts offer a comfortable and eco-friendly option for those who prefer natural fibers, while our Sunset Ridge Tech shorts are crafted from Seawool, a fabric made from recycled plastic bottles and oyster shell waste. These materials support a circular economy and contribute to reducing plastic pollution. These small changes have a significant impact on cleaning up our planet.


As the calendar above shows, there are at least 31 ways you can eliminate single-use plastic from your life. Tackle one or two or all 31 with us during July as you create new habits and make a difference for the planet. What changes are you going to make to eliminate single-use plastic during July and forever?

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Plastic Free July