Tellus Ambassadors

Meet the Tellus Ambassadors

We've enlisted the help of some super-fans to represent Tellus as ambassadors. These individuals share our passions for sustainability and the outdoors. Follow along on Instagram as they share their journeys and showcase Tellus products.

Bort E.

Bort (Robert) E.

A Fort Collins resident, Bort works in biodiversity research and planning. “My happy place is in the wild — if I’m not trying to help save what we have there wouldn’t be much of ‘me’ left,” Bort says. He shares his climbing, backpacking, cycling, and backcountry skiing adventures on Instagram, in the talks and papers he writes, and the work he does every day. Keep track of Bort’s adventures on Instagram @drbortedwards.

Tonya D. 

"Giving back to the planet is essential for maintaining a sustainable and balanced world,” Tonya says. “It involves individual and collective efforts to address environmental challenges, protect ecosystems, and ensure a healthy planet for current and future generations.” When not exploring the great outdoors, you can find Tonya gardening in her Fort Collins yard, hiking local trails and inspiring healthy living and mindfulness through her work as a yoga instructor. Follow Tonya on Instagram @awomanofradiance.

Brian G.

Brian G.

Brian believes preserving nature and protecting wildlife are key factors in maintaining our planet for future generations. He explores the outdoors in Bozeman, MT hiking, camping, running, fishing and mountain biking. Brian is a college student and basketball player at Montana State. He loves that Tellus is committed to sustainably improving our planet and is excited to share that with the world. Find Brian on Instagram and X (formerly Twitter) @briangoracke23.

Liam W. 


Another Fort Collins resident, Liam feels a personal responsibility to watch over and protect the world in which we live. He believes that our actions today create consequences far into the future. Liam loves everything about being outdoors. His passions are backpacking, fly fishing and skiing. He’s most involved with the fly fishing community that highly regards the importance of conserving fish species and their habitats. He is studying at Montana State where he also serves on the Executive Board of the Fly Fishing Club.

Dani B.

Dani B.

Fort Collins resident, Dani B. is originally from Columbia. She is a social scientist who promotes sustainable development and community-based conservation all across the Americas. Dani’s outdoor passions include getting out in nature, traveling, running, climbing and caring for our planet. Follow Dani’s Instagram @dani_bones to see amazing adventures and beautiful pictures.

Dan B. 

Dan B

Dan Berlin is an enterprising entrepreneur, investor, philanthropist, and endurance athlete who happens to be blind. He believes in creating opportunities and giving back around the globe. Dan devotes his time to the non-profit, Team See Possibilities, which pursues the mission of inspiring and empowering young people with vision loss to thrive and excel. Follow Dan’s and Team See Possibilities adventures on Instagram @teamseepossibilities.

Krista F.

Krista F.

Krista is a wellness expert here in Fort Collins. Her extensive background in nutrition, behavior change, stress management, functional movement, corrective exercise, and strength and conditioning training helps clients implement lifestyle changes that lead to healthier and more enriched lives. She is an advocate for nature therapy and has a goal to hike in 40 national parks by the time she turns 40.

Kate Y. 

Kate Y

A biology major at Colorado State University, Kate is also a player for the CSU volleyball team. When she’s not setting and volleying, you can find Kate exploring the beaches and trails near her home in Oahu, HI. Keep track of Kate’s adventures on Instagram @kate_yosh.


Nemo W.

Nemo (Naeemah) W.

Nemo is a middle blocker for the Colorado State University volleyball team. She just graduated with a psychology degree and is looking to become a clinical counselor in the future. A native of Colorado Springs, Nemo likes hiking, boating, swimming and beaches. Follow along with Nemo’s adventures on Instagram @naeemahweathers.

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