Best Gifts for Outdoorsy Men & Women: A 2023 Holiday Guide

Welcome to our outdoor enthusiasts' haven, where the spirit of adventure meets the joy of thoughtful gifting! If you're on the hunt for the perfect presents that resonate with outdoorsy men and women, you've just stepped into the right wilderness. In this curated collection, we'll explore an array of gifts for hikers, travelers, and adventurers alike, ensuring that every nature-loving heart finds a token of appreciation that resonates with their passion for the great outdoors.  

And as a brand specializing in recycled outdoor gear & clothing, we’ve included some of our best apparel and accessories to put a smile on any outdoor-lover’s face. 

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Best Gifts for Outdoorsy Men & Women: A 2023 Holiday Guide

1. Men’s 100% Cotton Beanie

This organic cotton rib-knit beanie is the perfect gift for outdoorsy men for a multitude of reasons. First and foremost, its 100% organic cotton fiber not only ensures comfort and warmth but also reflects a commitment to sustainability, making it a conscientious choice. The versatility of solid colors ensures that this beanie complements any outfit effortlessly and provides warmth for any outdoor adventure.   

2. Nalgene Wide Mouth Bottle

Nalgene bottle is a great gift for outdoorsy men who like to hike, bike, travel, and more. These bottles are crafted with a revolutionary resin, powered by cutting-edge recycling technology that transforms plastic earmarked for landfills into high- performance, BPA/BPS-free companions for outdoor adventures. What makes it truly exceptional is that the material is derived from 50% waste plastic, utilizing ISCC certified mass balance, thus actively contributing to waste reduction and environmental preservation.  

3. Men’s Recycled Down Jacket

Elevate the outdoor experience for the adventurous men in your life with Tellus' Men's Recycled Down Jacket, a gift for outdoorsy men that seamlessly combines sustainability with top-notch performance. Crafted with a conscience, this jacket boasts a 700-fill recycled duck down insulation that ensures optimal warmth without compromising on eco-friendliness. The outer shell is constructed from recycled polyester, reflecting Tellus' commitment to minimizing environmental impact. With a PFC-free water-resistant finish, this jacket is not only a testament to innovation but also a shield against the elements.  

4. National Parks America The Beautiful Yearly Pass

For the man in your life who finds solace and joy in the untamed beauty of nature, there's no gift quite as enchanting as the National Parks Yearly America the Beautiful Pass. Unlocking a gateway to unparalleled exploration, this pass is the key to over 2,000 federal recreation sites across the United States. From the towering peaks of Yosemite to the sweeping landscapes of the Grand Canyon, this pass grants access to the majestic wonders that define America's natural heritage. Whether they are avid hikers, wildlife enthusiasts, or simply seekers of breathtaking vistas, this gift not only offers a year of adventure but also supports the preservation and maintenance of these cherished landscapes. 

1. Women’s Recycled Down Parka

 Indulge the adventurous spirit of the outdoorsy women in your life with Tellus  Women's Recycled Down Parka—a gift for outdoorsy women that seamlessly merges style, sustainability, and superior warmth. This parka boasts a remarkable 700-fill recycled duck down insulation, providing an optimal balance of comfort and eco-conscious design. Crafted from recycled polyester outerings, this parka reflects Tellus' commitment to reducing environmental impact without compromising on quality. The PFC-free finish adds an extra layer of eco-friendliness, making it an ideal choice for those who appreciate both fashion and environmental stewardship. Gift the women who love the great outdoors a blend of fashion and function with Tellus Recycled Down Parka—a timeless piece that stands as a testament to both style and ethical choices in the realm of outdoor apparel. 

2. Women’s Sustainable Fleece

Discover the perfect blend of coziness and conscious living with Tellus' Women's Sustainable Fleece—a gift for the outdoorsy woman that embodies both warmth and eco-friendliness. Crafted from recycled polyester, this fleece not only offers unparalleled comfort but also showcases Tellus' dedication to sustainability. Wrap the adventurous women in your life in the soft embrace of this eco-conscious fleece, providing them with the perfect companion for chilly outdoor escapades. As a thoughtful gift that harmonizes with both style and environmental values, Tellus' Sustainable Fleece is an embodiment of comfort and conscious living, making it an ideal choice for those who cherish both nature and thoughtful design. 

3. Kleen Kanteen Tumblr

Elevate the hydration game for the outdoorsy woman in your life with the Klean Kanteen 16 oz Tumbler—an exceptional gift that seamlessly combines style and functionality. Crafted with adventure in mind, this tumbler is not only a sleek and elegant companion for outdoor excursions but also a sustainable choice for those who prioritize eco-conscious living made with certified 90% post-consumer recycled steel. Its durable stainless-steel construction ensures that it can withstand the rigors of any adventure, while the 16 oz capacity provides the perfect balance between portability and ample hydration. Whether she's sipping her favorite hot beverage on a crisp morning hike or enjoying a refreshing drink under the open sky, the Klean Kanteen 16 oz Tumbler is a thoughtful and practical gift that will accompany the outdoorsy woman on all her adventures with flair and functionality. 

4. Sustainable Travel Journal

Unleash the spirit of exploration with the perfect holiday gift for the outdoorsy woman in your life – sustainable travel journals. Crafted with eco-conscious materials, these journals not only capture the essence of her adventurous escapades but also align with a commitment to sustainable living. Whether she's scaling mountain peaks or strolling through lush forests, these journals are the ideal companions to document the moments of awe and inspiration that nature provides. With recycled paper and eco-friendly covers, these sustainable travel journals are a thoughtful way to encourage mindful reflection while treading lightly on the planet. Give the gift of preserving memories and fostering a love for nature with these eco-friendly travel journals – a meaningful gesture for the woman who finds solace and joy in the great outdoors.