First Friday June Featuring: Photographer Ben Banet

The Art of Photography: A Glimpse into the Serenity of the West and National Parks

When: June 7, 6:00 PM - 9:00 PM 

Where: Tellus Store - 401 Linden Street, downtown Fort Collins 

Who & What: Join us at the store to meet Ben and shop his work, an array of landscape photography captivated by the wide-open spaces of the west, particularly in our national parks and protected lands. Ben's passion for the outdoors is evident in his stunning photography, inspired by his frequent hikes and camping trips year-round.⁠ His collection of photos are from all around Colorado and the west including recent celestial events like eclipses and northern lights. 

About Ben: Learn more about Ben, his journey and preview his work on Backroads Banet.

First Friday June Featuring: Photographer Ben Banet