First Friday May Featuring: Reptile & Amphibian Center

The Art of the Wild: Colors and Patterns of Amphibians and Reptiles
When: May 3, 6:00 PM - 9:00 PM 
Where: Tellus Store - 401 Linden Street, downtown Fort Collins 
Who: Join us for an enchanting evening with our friends from the Reptile & Amphibian Center. Explore the vibrant world of amphibians and reptiles while delving into their captivating colors and mesmerizing patterns. Discover the importance of conservation and environmental stewardship as we showcase our commitment to promoting the welfare and conservation of these fascinating creatures.
  • Meet and pet native species and amphibians Animal Ambassadors.
  • Engage with educational content on conservation & environmental stewardship.
  • Learn about Reptile & Amphibian Center's mission to promote the welfare and conservation of reptiles and amphibians through education, rescue, and rehabilitation. We strive to increase public understanding and appreciation for these vital members of our ecosystem, and to inspire a sense of responsibility for stewardship of their natural habitats and captive care.
Did you know?
Reptiles and amphibians serve as indicator species? By observing their responses to climate change, we gain valuable insights for conservation and environmental management practices.
Stop by the Tellus Store during First Friday Art Walk to immerse yourself in the world of amphibians and reptiles. Discover, learn, and be inspired to take action in conserving our environment and its incredible inhabitants.
First Friday May Featuring: Reptile & Amphibian Center